GPS (God's People Serving) Ministries Inc.

 Sharing the love of Christ

Kent Warning

He is married, and he works  full time at Sisbro in Quincy, Illinois. Went to Unity High School. He is from Meyer, Illinois . Kent has a servant heart to serve, and give.


Ordained minister since May 1996, she has been serving the Tri-states since July 1999. PJ is at the ministry full time during ministry hours. The very first person you will meet when you come to the ministry, she handles day to day operations and manages each client's case privately, even when the ministry is closed, taking prayer requests and emergencies. She is surrounded by a great team of volunteers that believe in serving. 


 Ordained minister, and a graduate of Unity High School. He works a full time job. He is a volunteer for the Kid's Power Hour program, and also assists with all shopping trips for the food pantry, and much more.



A veteran, and retired.  Dave volunteers when he can.   He helps with all Midwest Food bank pick-up, and our Kid's Power Hour Program. 

Kent Slack  

He works full time at WCU (Western Catholic Union) in Quincy.

He is a very dedicated fundraiser chair for GPS Ministries. He is always willing to help whenever and wherever he is needed.

Diane Little

She is a great  volunteer for Kid's Power Hour. She is on our committee, and helps with fundraising. Her love for God, and others is amazing. She is a wife , and a great mother to three boys.