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PJ’S Corner

“ Pain of Abandonment”

Suffering with unbearable pain

Loss is so excruciating. There are not enough words to describe the pain a person feels when going through death, divorce, severed family ties, illness, and the list goes on and on. It can be so overwhelming that it is never shared. Some people will choose to suffer in silence because of fear of being misunderstood or rejected. In the Bible Hannah was bullied by her husband’s second wife. During her family’s annual trip to worship in the sanctuary at Shiloh, she pleaded with God for a child and vowed a vow that she would dedicate him to the Lord. She was misunderstood and even rejected by the priest. She cried so hard that the priest Eli thought she was drunk. She was overcome with such pain and emotion.

Sorrow turned into joy

(1 Samuel 1:15) Hannah said to Eli, the priest, “I am a woman of a sorrowful spirit”. (1 Samuel 1:20) 

God answered her prayer. Her son’s name was Samuel. Israel’s first prophet. Further study (I Samuel chapters 1, 2, 3) Maybe you are like Hannah feeling rejected and misunderstood. Keep praying, believing and keep your peace.

Don’t expect others to understand your pain, unless they have been where you are

Everyone wants to give advice. Be very careful who you take advice from. Everyone thinks they know what is best for you and your situation. Well unless they walked a mile in your shoes they need to keep their opinion to themselves. Not being mean, just being direct. If you truly care, take it to the Lord in prayer. Don’t take your boat load of advice to those who are already on overload. When I was growing up my Mom would sift the flour before baking a cake. I asked her, why do you do that? She said,” to make sure there are no lumps”. We need to make sure there are no lumps in what people are saying when giving their opinion. Don’t listen to ANYONE who doesn’t have control over their own lives. They are quick to jump the ship like a rat the moment you ask them if they got their own life in order yet. Amazing how the mirror affects works! Be guided by God’s Holy Word.

Choose to move past the pain into healing

Several years ago a situation occurred that left my heart broken in a million pieces. I didn’t go around telling everyone about it. I didn’t throw anyone under the bus because of it. I also knew it was too big for me to handle. So I gave it ALL to Jesus, the one who could do something about it. Too many times we tell someone hoping they will tell the other parties involved so they can be a go between to try and fix the problems. Most of the time it is like tornado it destroys everything in its path, and then it keeps sucking more people up in the funnel. The devil is like a tornado; he will destroy and suck up anyone in his path, if we ALLOW him to.

Jesus was rejected by those closest to him and abandoned

JESUS took on every pain of rejection, sorrow, grief, sin, sickness, disease, and every horrible thing we can think of He bore on the cross for our salvation and complete freedom. Further study Luke 22:31-34 Luke 22:43-62 Luke 23

Make Jesus the master of your ship

When Jesus is the Master: He leads and we follow. We will have peace in the midst of the storm. With Jesus at the helm of our ship we will always be safe and secure. Mark 4:35-41He is our Shepherd. Ps. 23: 1 The Lord is my shepherd, I shall NOT WANT.

Closing Thoughts

Where there is peace there is God. Where there is confusion and unrest then the Satan is running the show, not God.