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“Content or discontent?”

Content: Happy, satisfied, pleased, and at ease.

Discontent: unhappy, dissatisfied, displeased, always on edge, and frustrated.

It is a real joy to be around content and happy people. It can be a real drag to be around discontent, unhappy, and always frustrated people. The truth is we have all been either, or, at one time or another.

When a person is never content they usually are lacking something in their life. Throughout the Bible we see many people who were never content with the position or power they were blessed with. They always wanted more. Sound familiar? Some would walk over anyone to get what they wanted. They think it will make them content, but they find out really quick that it doesn’t.

Have you ever really wanted something really bad, then you were blessed with it, and then you thought of three more things you wanted? Truth is nothing on this earth will ever satisfy those wants.

There is only one who can satisfy the desires of your heart, and fill “ALL” the wants and needs you will ever have. His name is Jesus.

One example in the Bible is King Saul. He was so consumed with his hatred for David that he wanted to kill him. King Saul was so displeased that jealousy and hatred over ruled common sense. Saul’s want was revenge, and the cost he paid was his own soul. His anointed position in the Lord wasn’t enough to keep him completely content anymore.

Read 1 Samuel 13:13-14

In the end of Saul’s life he was wounded by an arrow, he begged his armor bearer to finish the job and kill him. When the servant refused Saul fell on his own sword. (1 Samuel 31:1-4) His own selfish desire and want made him take his own life.

We all need to be careful with our power and position that God has blessed us each with. Each of us are blessed with different gifts of serving, and in different capacities. May we make sure our power and our positions do not make us cold calloused. 

May we strive to be content while we do the Lord’s service here on earth.